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Working with other professionals

We work with other professionals in a number of different ways.


Solicitors / family lawyers


Many of our clients are referred to us by family lawyers. For many people a solicitor is the first port of call when they are facing what often seems to be an irretrievable breakdown in their relationship. This is a sensible route to take as reliable information about your options enables you to make good decisions about your future. And many family lawyers offer 20 – 30 minutes free consultation to advise you about the basics before you go ahead.

Family lawyers are also very experienced at noticing when there is the least doubt that divorce is the way forward. That is when you may be referred to Family Consultants, like us, either to explore the option of reconciliation further, or to help you cope with the emotions that the legal process itself can bring to the surface.



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Human Resources and Employee Welfare Professionals


Wellbeing is affected as much by emotions as by physical health and there is now significant evidence that both physical and emotional health are co-dependant. Yet many people are reluctant to ask for help or simply don’t know who to ask for appropriate support when they feel emotional distress.


Other coaches, therapists and counsellors

We work closely with other professionals in related disciplines, through learning groups, networking and direct contact. There are many advantages to this collaborative approach:

  • We are able to match our clients’ needs for specialist support to those people who are most fitted to give it
  • We offer each other continuous support and learning opportunities
  • We keep each other up-to-date with developments in different fields

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