Is anger management and difficulty managing your emotions damaging you and your relationships ? 





Whatever the reasons behind your difficulty in this area, if you are open to guidance you can achieve positive change. I have many years experience and a proven track record in helping people in this area. I can help you with anger management by:


A. Deveopling your understanding of  the range strong feelings and emotions involved. 

B. Give you the means to manage feelings and emotions effectively.

C. Giving you the ability to express thoughts and feelings in a more productive way.


How is progress achieved ?

  • Effective anger management requires an understanding ofwe will engage with you in a positive process looking at strengths and agreed areas to work on.
  • We will explore and understand the roots of your difficulty regulating your emotions, but not dwell on past difficulties, with an emphasis on going forward..
  • The tried and tested methods below are employed, in the best combination to work for you,
  • I will teach you how to be more assertive using material proven to be effective, which means when you do need to express feelings, you can do so in a measured way.
  • We will agree what you want to work on, based on what we have identified together
  • You will be given tools to record and work on the changes identified
  • Where appropriate and agreed, we would include other people who can contribute, eg partners, family members. They can give insight to the process and support you in change


Emotional Regulation is a more accurate way of describing what people need to master in order to manage their reaction to stress and perceived threats. An outward display of aggression often arises from other underlying emotions the person may not even be aware of. Understanding yourself and the thought processes involved though Cognitive Behavioural input (CBT) raises awareness and makes you able adopt new coping strategies.



Emotional Regulation is not just about stopping you getting aggressive, I combine it with Assertiveness input. This is included as we need to be able to express views and feelings rather than bottle them up. Assertiveness helps us do so in a more constructive way, that is respectful to ourselves and others. The additional plus here is that it tends to build confidence and have all sorts of knock on benefits in people's lives and relationships, as such there is a life coaching element as well.


Cognitive Behavioural Element


Experience and research indicates that Emotional Regulation work is much more effective if it is combined with elements of Cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT) In short this means understanding and sometimes altering, (known as re framing) the way we think about certain situations, relationship etc, in short it is necessary to look at our perception of these areas as this has a bearing on our reaction to them.


A Counseling element:


 It is often the case that people need to look at and understand the roots of their difficulty in this area. This can touch on some delicate areas, requiring a skilled and sensitive approach, which I can promise arising from many years experience. At the same time looking back is only useful in as much as it sheds light on the present and the way forward, which remains the overall focus.



Relaxation and Mindfulness

Elements of these methods are included as they contribute to greater awareness of when arousal is happening and contribute to your growing ability to manage the emotion. The emotional and physical health benefits are also becoming widely recognised.


Solution Focused


We employ a positive approach that seeks to find and build on your strengths, this is sometimes referred to as Solution Focused. This tends to lead to shorter term work which reduces cost.




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