These testimonials come from an evaluation exercise with parents and young people filled we have worked with and on line requests for feedback post input.

Reviews from couple counselling/coaching clients


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  • Nick took our loving but struggling relationship and gave us a mutual vantage point to re-start from. What a blessing he was to us!! From the time of day he could be available for us, to suggestions for each of us to work on, and holding us accountable whilst being supportive, we felt very much that we were in good hands. Worth noting he was our 4th counsellor in as many years, and the only person my husband has felt he trusted. A true gem. Jordan


  • The sad fact is My Marriage had nearly broken down beyond all hope of a reconciliation, our children were involved when they shouldn’t have been, Nick Lamprey was the calming passifier and sense maker when there was no sense at all, I wish solicitors and mediators gave you his number at your first meeting, it would have saved us thousands but most importantly than any money our lives would have been back on track way before some of the worst damage was done. Because of him we were able to pick up the pieces and start again, I know I will always be grateful to him. Darren.


  • H C (parent) “ I found theses sessions very helpful, if we didn’t my partner and I would have split


Example of enhanced supervised contact:

  • D W father of 8 year old boy and 15 year old girl: Nick made supervised contact more relaxed after the contact centre which I had found difficult. He also gave me advice on how to deal with behaviour and worries about my children in a supportive way, helping me to help them and reassure their mother and professionals. Nick also challenged my ex on involving the children in conversations about the divorce and helped me to communicate with her. We were able to move on to contact supported by family members and then to unsupported contact which I have wanted for so long. Chris B. (See also example 2 at bottom of page)


Examples of Parent and family support :

  • Mrs J L : “Thanks Nick who helped us through this difficult time. Life is more peaceful, thanks”


  • Mrs S H “ I didn’t think my son and I would still be under the same roof without the help I received. I am very grateful for Nicks Help”


  • JD age 16 : “My arguments between my Grandma and myself have stopped and my confidence to talk to my Mum and Grandma has grown”  Mother of JD: “Thinking now before I act on a situation, I’ve learned a lot about myself, not just how to handle my daughter.”  Grand mother of JD: “Communication skills have improved and tolerance of each others needs. Nick is a very good listener and helps break the problem down for me and them to be able to solve”.

Mrs K W: “I found the sessions very helpful and seen a great improvement in family relationships.


Mrs J L : “Thanks Nick who helped us through this difficult time. Life is more peaceful, thanks”


Mrs S H “ I didn't think my son and I would still be under the same roof without the help I received. I am very grateful for Nicks Help”


H C (parent) “ I found theses sessions very helpful, if we didn't my partner and I would have split up”


J N Father “ I would very much recommend Nick, it helped very much to talk and explain how I felt”


AA Mother. “ I have told a couple of my friends how helpful this was and how I have learned to cope with my children and how easy our home life and relationships are now.”


A H Parent: “ I found it all helpful in different ways. Nick was very willing to help and I would definitely recommend it.


L A Father “ Thanks Nick for all the patience and help you've given”


T S Mother: “ I found it very  useful, I have noticed rather a big change in my son. Yes I would recommend it”


V M Parent of twin boys: “The boys found the assertiveness training helpful”


M L Mother: “ I would recommend it because I feel more confident myself my children have more respect for me.


Nick Lamprey has now been supervising my contact with my son A... for just over 20 months now which will coming to an end soon, from the very first session I felt very comfortable with Nick and A... warmed to him too, Nick has been very good throughout and has helped greatly with my son. A.... case was a very difficult one as there was a lot of medical issues Nick took all this on board but was professional in every contact making sure that A.... and myself were safe but also that our time together was as natural as could be, now and again A.... would start attention seeking with me and I would ask Nick if he had any advice on how I could deal with moments like this his suggestions were excellent and I found playing down A.... behaviour as Nick suggested really worked. I was also having a difficult time with A's mum T…... we were communicating via email I was remaining very amicable in my emails but she could be somewhat difficult and manipulating towards me I would always confide in Nick on how I should reply to some of the messages I was getting and just by him saying changing  a few words would help and leaving a few sentences out made a huge difference and now I can reply to any email sent by T without making the situation worse. I have learnt alot over the past year or so thanks to Nick and it has made me better in dealing with situations that arise which require a lot of thought P C.


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