Supervised contact and support with child contact and access problems 


 Are you facing allegations that have resulted in you having supervised contact with children ?


Do you have concerns about the ability of your children's mother/father to keep your children safe or respond appropriately to them ?



Supervised contact often takes place at contact centres. While there is a place for this, the service I offer may suit you and most importantly the needs of your children better. 


I provide a more individually tailored approach to Supervised contact with an emphasis on solutions, which can include detailed reporting on the overall picture and input to  address areas that may require change. This often includes helping both parents to deal with the issues that may be barriers to going forward, see below for detail. 


Negotiating a way forward with both parents with supervised contact and where appropriate progressing to unsupervised contact, often presents significant challenges. I speciaise in helping parents negotiate this process, using my experience and a determined approach, supporting and challenging parents to overcome the barriers to positive shared parenting. 


Credibility: I am a qualified registered Social Worker. This along with extensive experience in this area provides reassurance in terms of a professional safe approach, based on safeguarding requirements, as well as the weight that the courts, parents or other's concernedcan  place on my professional opinion.  


I can provide all or any combination of the following:


  • Suprvised contact in the community or any agreed venue.
  • Provide a professional detailed report on contact, how the supervised parent responded to the children, how the children responded in return, as well as giving a view on the way forward. 
  • Work with the supervised parent to address any areas of concern, such as approach to parenting, alleged anger, stress responses. This may be combined with work with the other parent.
  • A detailed report on the conduct of the resident parent, giving detail of anything that may be impacting on the children and future contact arrangements, including extent of co-operation. (contact centres often do not include this, or not in detail)
  • A detailed report on anything that the child/children may say that may shed light on what they may have been exposed to, such as adult conversations, that may impact on them emotionally and be a barrier to a positive relationship with both parents. (contact centres often do not include this, or not in detail)
  • Work with either or both parents to address any of the above with the aim of progressing contact where appropriate. 
  • Parenting guidance for either or both parents, with the aim of achieving more united parenting, through which children can feel secure in a positive relationship with both parents and can thrive. 


Working with parents in this very sensitive area is complex and requires a creative confident approach deliverd with sensitivity and based on evidence based practice. I am trained to deliver the accredited and renound Webster Stratton Incredible Years parenting course, which informs my practice as well as conforming to Safeguarding procedures. 


CHARGES For supervised contact and any reports involved are:

 Week day £36 per hour

Weekend £42 per hour. This may reduced when input is over a longer period.


Concessions may be available for longer term input.





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