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Do you have clients facing the following ?



  • Are they having difficulty managing the emotions arising from separation and or proceedings?


  • Do they have concerns about the other parent's conduct requiring supervised contact ? 


  • Do they face allegations, requiring supervised contact ?


  • Is a contact centre unsuitable and a more personal approach required ?


  • Are they struggling to cope with allegations and court  proceedings emotionally?


  • Having difficulty working with the Local Authority and or other agencies ?


  • Do they need help with the above and or to address any concerns/allegations, such as in respect of parenting ?


  • Are there concerns about possible parental alienation and a comprehensive report on both parents conduct is required ?


  • In the case of the resident parent, are they anxious and having difficulty progressing contact ?


I am a qualified Independent Social worker, he also has experience working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS)  I am experienced in working within the legal and child protection framework.


I adopt a supportive approach, combining coaching and counselling, aimed at helping parents understand their emotionl response to the circumstances and how ths impacts on others. From this position the focus moves to empowering and challenging them to address any identified issues that are impacting on others, particulalry children and the other parent. The overall aim is toward positive shared parenting.  


In the case of Supervised contact this can be in the community or any venue agreed by both parents. Securing engagement and co-operation can be challenging in the area of Supervised contact and moving beyond that. As such a significant element of my input is focused on negotiating/mediating with parents to address any barriers to progress. This can include work with the parent against whom allegations have been made, which may be about parenting or managing anger. It may slao include woirk with the other parent, such as suport with worries about going forward, helping them be more positive withthe children about contact going forward and for both avoiding denegrating the other parent. 


I provide a comprehensive professional service that is adaptable and flexible, carrying out assessments and doing direct work with parents/step parents/partners. My combination of skills and experience places me in a position to be able to support and challenge parents in respect of  areas of difficulty, concerns and barriers to going forward, with the overall aim of promoting the interest of children. Trained to deliver the respected Webster Stratton parenting course, I have many years experience in parental guidance in complex cases involving a range of issues that impact on children and families.The potential negative effect on children from divorce and separation is well documented.


Other areas of input

  • Engaging children and young people in the consultation process, where appropriate. Please note:  the primary emphasis is on parents addressing the needs of the children. Involving children will only take place where this is conducive to their welfare and parents are taking primary responsibility for addressing the needs of the children. It may be that I suggest CAFCASS involvement.


 Experience Qualifications and Credibility

It is vital that the person supervising your contact or providing related input in this area has credibility in the eyes of any agencies and individuals  involved. As an Independent Social worker with years of experience, with a wide range of complex family issues I am more than able to fulfil this requirement. I have worked in a Local Authority CHild care team and for Child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS)



CHARGES For supervised contact and any reports involved are:

 Week day £36 per hour

Weekend £42 per hour.

This may reduced when input is over a longer period.


Charges for support and guidance work without supervised contact are £48 per hour.



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