CONFLICT WITH IN-LAWS OR OTHER FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS IMPACTING ON                                                        YOUR FAMILY ?                                                            


Areas of difficulty may include:

  • Family Feuds
  • In-laws, you may feel they are interfering
  • Your partner may feel your parents are interfering and you feel caught in the middle
  • You may have disagreements over parenting with in-laws, your partner or any other family member.
  • You may be worried your children are being affected by family conflict.
  • There may be a clash between parent or step parent with children or young people.


Family relationships are complex and difficulties in one relationship can be linked with and impact on other relationships, for example tensions caused by in-laws can affect couple relationships. Other factors often contribute, such as: stress, work life balance and a host of others may contribute.


The right help that can work with all these factors effectively can make a real difference.


 I have great respect for anyone who is willing to accept help, recognising it is not easy to involve an outside person. I combine counselling and coaching in a way that has proved effective, See Reviews.  I will not tell you what to do or take sides, but I can help you explore options you may not have thought of, improve communication, help you find solutions that work for you and others involved and help you find common ground.


My approach focuses on improving communication, it includes elements of assertive communication and cognitive behavioural focus (CBT) My wide range of experience means I can include other elements such as anger management, mindfulness and life coaching.


My aim to achieve progress quickly which makes the intervention cost effective. You will be consulted at every step of the way.



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