Child contact and access problems can be very stressful. The impact emotionally and financially can be significant and children are often the victims.


The emotional impact and strain can affect a parents ability to work through the challenges this presents. The system can seem bewildering and hostile to parents trying to maintain a relationship with children. This can lead to:

 Frustration, anger, difficulty working with the local authority, the court, Cafcass etc. This often makes the situation worse. In some cases this can lead to emotional break down and giving up.


Who is this Service for ? (Skype input available, to overcome distance barrier)


You may have legal advice from a solicitor or be a litigant in person and have the support of a McKenzie friend, either of whom may recommend this kind of support during or following on from their input, you could also refer yourself.


How can I help you ?


I provide specialist support and guidance ranging from emotional mentoring type input through to Supervising contact. What I provide can include any combination of the following areas tailored to your needs:


  1. Emotional support and guidance.
  2. Help with understanding and working with the court and child protection system.
  3. Help with addressing any allegations and concerns raised in respect of a parents suitability to have contact, see details below. (may include risk assessment)
  4. Anger management (emotional regulaltion)
  5. Stress and anxiety management
  6. Supervised contact.
  7. Enhanced supervised contact, to include elements of 3 and 4 above as appropriate.
  8. Promoting healthy child focused communication between parents, including mediating e mails between the parents,advising on content.
  9. Work with both parents (where possible and appropriate) to address barriers to shared parenting.
  10. Parenting guidance to address any concerns and promote positive parenting. 
  11. Child consultation where appropriate.


Key here is my understanding of the system and ability to relate to clients struggling with these issues. Typically support and guidance work will include help with: effective communication, assertiveness, to help avoid passive and agressive responses, helping clients understand the role of emotions and the way they think about situations, using elements of CBT. When apropriate the input can include work with the other parent and shuttle mediation, including mediating e mail communication. My many years experience of providing parenting advice, enables me to guide either or both parents in this area, with the aim of promoting united parenting. The ability to work creatively and flexibly with all the above, within the boundaries of the legal and child protection system is what makes this service comprehesive and effective. 



 Experience Qualifications and Credibility

It is vital that the person supervising your contact has credibility in the eyes of any agencies or individuals  involved. As an Independent Social worker with years of experience, with a wide range of complex family issues I am more than able to fulfil this requirement.



CHARGES For supervised contact and any reports involved are:

 Week day £45 per hour

Weekend £55 per hour. This may reduced when input is over a longer period.

Enhanced supervised contact, more complex cases, eg related to complex assessments and or parental alientaion, £60 per hour weekdays and £70 per hour weekends.

Please call to discuss.


Charges for support and guidance work without supervised contact are £55 per hour.




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